Green Business Trends – Top Ways To Get in on the Action

Environment friendly, Earth Care People Care Fair Share Melbourne World …

Environment friendly, Earth Care People Care Fair Share Melbourne World …—Takver (

It’s not  easy to come up with a business that is eco-friendly. Many aim at the so called ‘green,’ and to make your own business stand out. But look at the green business trends to  potentially help you rise above the rest. What business plan adjustments can you make?

Kelly Sports discussed in an article featured at Small Biz Trends four important business ideas that can still make you stand out as eco-friendly.

Green Business Trends – Top Ways To Get in on the Action

Organic and Sustainably Produced Foods
Consumers spend a lot of time eating, and far more are choosing organic and sustainably produced foods. U.S. sales of organic food and beverages grew from a $1 billion industry in 1990 to $29.2 billion in 2011, according to the Organic Trade Association.

Have an idea or technology to help people walk or take public transportation more or use less gasoline? Now may be the time to test-drive it. From businesses like Walk Score, which ranks neighborhoods on their walkability, to electric car makers and ride-sharing services, businesses that help consumers wean themselves off gasoline are getting more mileage these days.

Green Apps
Smartphones allows consumers to easily access software – “apps” – that can help them in a variety of ways, including becoming eco-friendlier.

Share Economy
As I previously wrote, there’s an emerging “share economy.” Instead of buying a new lawn equipment or cars or sports gear, people are increasingly looking to rent and borrow things, whether it is from other people or from businesses. Original story here.

Any business who wants to become in line with these modern green business trends can emerge as something unique and new in the industry.

It is important for every business venture to be in line with the latest online trends of today to be able to tap the greater section of the market. By the time you take advantage of these green opportunities, you can be able to make the most out of your business.

Share these green business ideas, and be sure to visit us at Newland Commercial Funding for small business lending options.

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